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Through-the-floor Without Hoistway

SE - Vanishing Elevator - shaftless through the floor
SE - Vanishing Elevator - shaftless through the floor

The Transporter Home Elevator is available in two models, the HE with a modular see-thru hoistway and SE without the hoistway. Both are battery powered which virtually eliminates concerns regarding power outages. The unit can run multiple trips (10+ times) in BOTH directions, on its own batteries!

  • Compact design retrofits into most homes
  • Open-view allows you to see out at all times
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Choose from a hoistway, or no-hoistway model
  • Designed to meet ASME standards
  • 3 year warranty – 2 year battery warranty
  • Optional colors available!

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Modular See-thru With Hoistway

HE - Modern Enclosure - steel and plexiglass
HE - Modern Enclosure - steel and plexiglass

• Battery operated – runs BOTH directions during power outages
• Capacity: 1-2 persons, 400 lbs
• Length: Up to 14 feet of travel
• Footprint: 38” wide x 48” from wall, or 38” wide x 39” from wall
• Car accommodates small wheelchair, transport chair or rollator
• Car controls: up/down, key-switch, E-stop, alarm, diagnostic LED,
car light control switch
• Wireless call-sends are easy to install and enable the rider to call or
send unit to either landing
• Fob control for remote use
• Constant low voltage battery charging system
• 250 Watt motor with dual winding steel drums – 2:1 drive
• High tensile strength extruded aluminum track
• Textured, easy to clean, powder coated finish on car and rail
• Hi-grade Z97.1 approved clear acrylic vision panels
• Angled non-skid covered threshold for easy entry
• AWS certified welded steel car frame
• Telephone in car
• Brightly illuminating overhead LED car light – 4 watts, 12 volts
• Carpeted floor for sure footing and comfort
• Designed to meet A17.1-2010/CSA B44-10 section 5.3, Part V of
ASME for Private Residence Elevators
• Meets NEC standards for wiring
• Designed, tested, assembled in U.S.A.
• 2 year battery warranty – 3 year warranty on all other items
• Manual lowering device

• Safety hatch on top of car stops travel if 20 lbs or more is on top of
car. Can be covered in matching flooring material.*
• Safety pan under car stops travel if 4 lbs, or more, of force is
exerted underneath car.*
• Two 1/4” diameter, 7×19 GAC cables support the car. Each cable
has a breaking strength of 7,000 lbs.
• Sliding radial door allows person to get in and out of elevator in
an emergency, even between floors.
• Hand rails inside car to assist and stabilize riders
• Emergency unlocking device for door lock
• UL Listed door interlock – senses door is both closed and locked
before allowing unit to operate.
• Regular and final limit switches
• Slack cable safety switches and broken cable safety
• SE units have constant pressure controls so the user controls travel
at all times.
• HE and AE units have automatic controls like traditional
elevators. Push the button once and go.
*Featured on SE models only

• One-day installation (two people), after floor hole and construction is complete.
• Can install on any wall – even non-load bearing!
• Can mount directly to existing concrete or stud walls
• Unassembled to go through any doorway
• Can be installed in room with ceilings as low as 7’6”
• No pit, no machine room, no dedicated outlet required
• Electrical requirements are 110 volt, 2 amps
• Only required maintenance is replacing batteries every 2-3 years.
• Technical service support in the U.S.A.