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Do you have questions about the Transporter Home Elevator? We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions for your convenience. If you do not see what you searching for please call us at 844-770-7713 to speak with one of our friendly agents. We are here to serve you and help you understand all your options!

The Transporter home elevator is a unique Space saving elevator designed to fit in Existing homes with little construction mess and destruction. The Small cab size does limit the capacity, but if it just you needing to access your basement to do laundry or your Mother needing to come up from her downstairs living quarters for Dinner, the Transported can be a perfect fit. The Pit-less design allows installation without cutting the concrete basement floor. The Open cab design can provide a less claustrophobic ride between 2 floors.

Yes, the Transporter can afford you the additional years of enjoyment in your home. After living in a house all your life, moving is scary and a care facility or Retirement home is not for everyone. Installing the Transporter can provide Safe and lasting enjoyment of your Forever home long into the future.

Absolutely, using the latest ASME A17.1 sect. 5.3 Life Safety Code, the Transporter meets and exceed the Standard. Cab door is secured with an Electro-mechanical lock to prevent opening mid travel. The Car Top and Underside are Protected with multiple safety switches to stop travel should anything be in the travel path. With Battery operation, the unit is safe to use even in a power outage. Providing Up and Down travel several times to get you to safety.

The unique design allows this unit to fit where many other are too large or require additional Machine space. With a Smallest footprint of 35” x 37” it can fit where many other cannot. CHE offers Free Site evaluations to confirm this fit. We also have many other systems, should this type not meet your needs.

The Transporter Home Elevator can handle from 400-500lbs.