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Safely travel between floors with the vertical industry's only battery powered elevator!

TRANSPORTER® Home Elevator

Are you avoiding stairs that were once an easy climb? Now you can elevate the value of your home while providing a safe, dependable lift for yourself and your loved ones!

Get More for Less…

  • Less space needed
  • Less time for installation
  • Less costly in comparison

Customer Reviews

“This is much better, and more affordable, than selling our two-story to buy a ranch”

“We have a small house but still found room for this elevator”

“I didn’t want to move, and now I can stay in the house I love, with peace of mind”

  • Adds value to your home.
  • Surprisingly affordable.
  • Minimal construction required – cut a hole in the floor.
  • No special wiring required – runs on household current.
  • Compact small design footprint.
  • Installs against any wall – even non-load bearing.
  • No elevator pit or machine room required.
  • Designed to retrofit into homes.
  • Less expensive alternative to moving or selling.
  • Excellent solution when stairs present a challenge.
  • Runs in BOTH directions if power fails – battery operation.